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B. Kim Humphreys, DC, PhD
Professor and Head
Zurich, 16 July 2014



Government Accreditation for the University of Zürich Chiropractic Programme
Professor B. Kim Humphreys, Head of the Chiropractic Medicine program at the University of Zürich is pleased to announce that effective immediately the 6 year Master in Chiropractic Medicine degree (M Chiro Med) has been officially accredited by the Swiss University Conference (SUK) and the Swiss Accreditation Council (CSA). The accreditation is for a period of 7 years.

Professor Humphreys remarks ‘this is an historic day for chiropractic. As the first Chair for Chiropractic in a university in Switzerland, I am deeply honoured to be a part of this amazing achievement. There are many Swiss chiropractors that have worked long and hard for this day and I am grateful for their sacrifice and perseverance that made it pos- sible. I am also grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement we have received from our home, the Orthopedic University Hospital of Balgrist. They have been amazing in helping us establish ourselves as a valued member of the team.’

With the inclusion of chiropractic as one of the 5 professions of medicine in the Medical Law of 2007, it was necessary for the profession to have an accredited university education within a Medical Faculty (medical school) in Switzerland.

In September 2008, the first cohort of students began the 6 year M Chiro Med program at the University of Zürich. The M Chiro Med program is fully integrated within the University of Zürich Medical Faculty and students study chiropractic along with 4 full years of medicine. After graduation, students must pass a federal examination and then enter a 2 year postgraduate program. The postgraduate program was accredited by the Swiss government in 2011 under the same procedures and conditions as all other medical specialties (i.e. residency programs). Graduates are eligible for the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (D Chiro Med) degree upon completion of an additional research thesis submitted at least 1 year after completion of the 6 year M Chiro Med program.

After an extensive accreditation process and site visit in 2013, the SUK and CSA an- nounced their approval of the Chiropractic program on 3 July, 2014. Professor Hum- phreys concludes ‘the future of chiropractic in Switzerland is bright as we are where we should be, working together, shoulder to shoulder, as a respected member of the healthcare team for the benefit of patients.’

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