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At the IBCE, we are committed to advancing the field of chiropractic. We understand that a model suitable for one country does not necessarily mean it is acceptable for every country. Weighing differing practices, educational requirements, and medical landscapes, we want to work with your institution or association to provide all the necessary resources to license accountable chiropractors.

Education Institutions

IBCE testing provides feedback to help educational institutions improve their curriculum development. Each educational institution has their own framework and we help ensure that international colleges produce world-class chiropractors. We begin by conducting a qualitative inquiry to map your institution’s curriculum to the content of IBCE’s current exams. By establishing connections between your curriculum and our results-oriented tests, together we form a worldwide standard for examining the next generation of chiropractors.

Chiropractic Associations & Authorities

We assist chiropractic associations throughout the world in credentialing chiropractors already in practice. Many international chiropractors have the necessary know-how to provide safe treatment, but patients need properly accredited doctors to ensure safe service. For associations looking to identify qualified chiropractors, the IBCE provides the pathway to recognize legitimate authorities into your association.

Credibility and Local Control

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