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The IBCE is committed to establishing the worldwide acceptance of a chiropractic standard of health care as well as an acceptable level of education and competence. At the same time, the IBCE respects that each country or jurisdiction will have its own overriding legal and regulatory concerns.

One goal of the IBCE is to help countries shorten the processes that legitimize the chiropractic profession. The IBCE’s extensive experience enables the development of standardized tests that will be accepted by educators, councils, or other interested parties. These exams reliably measure chiropractic knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes.

“Assessment and examination of students in chiropractic

In order to ensure patient safety and the qualified practice of chiropractic, a system of independent examination and licensing is necessary. On completion of the full period of training, the student’s theoretical knowledge and clinical competence in chiropractic should be independently evaluated through official examinations.

Continuing professional development should be encouraged for maintenance of licensing.”

From the “WHO Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic,” World Health Organization, Geneva 2005.

Local Control

The IBCE understands that the model for chiropractic testing in one country may not be appropriate for other regions or countries. The IBCE therefore enlists the aid of advisors throughout the world to guide the development of locally-appropriate and adaptable services.

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