Customized Examination Development

  • Practice analysis.
    A key contribution to examination content development comes from a scientific survey of randomly selected full-time chiropractors within a regulatory jurisdiction called a practice analysis. A valid practice analysis survey report is a fundamental source of information on which professional competence examinations are based. In 2010, the IBCE completed a job analysis of the chiropractic profession in Brazil.


  • Test development.
    This is a multi-step process. Questions concerning a doctor’s written and practical clinical competence are developed employing the services of regulatory board members, chiropractic college faculty, private practitioners, statisticians and other professionals in the chiropractic profession. Questions are then reviewed and approved by an independent committee comprised of chiropractic educators and practitioners, subject specialists, and members of chiropractic regulatory bodies before being added to the data bank or item pool.


  • Localized examinations.
    Each test will be a reflection of the education and practice of chiropractic and adapted to meet local requirements in countries or regions interested in following this process.


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