Practice Analysis

The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing require a verifiable close connection between the content of a test and
the construct it intends to measure. “Evidence based on test content can include logical or empirical analyses of the adequacy with which the test content represents the content domain and of the relevance of the content domain to the proposed interpretation of test scores (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014).”

To ensure that the assessment of chiropractic professionals accurately represents what chiropractors do in practice, the IBCE can assist you in conducting a practice analysis of chiropractic in your jurisdiction. The study results also provide legislators, insurance representatives, educators, and the general public with an overview of chiropractic’s growing importance and effectiveness as a health care profession.

Examples of practice analyses can be found here:

2020 U.S. Practice Analysis

Practice Analysis for U.S. – Archive

Practice Analysis for Canada

Practice Analysis for New Zealand

Practice Analysis for Nutritionists


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