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The IBCE adheres to standards of validity, reliability, and fairness for examination development specified by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (APA, AERA, and NCME, 2014). Stakeholders from different regulatory environments can rely upon the standardized tests developed in collaboration with the IBCE to fulfill their unique licensing and recognition requirements.

  • Standardized testing of chiropractic skills will be of great value to the global community as it provides a measurement for chiropractic professionals, regulators, educators, students of chiropractic, and the public to assess the credibility and legitimacy of practitioners’ skills.

  • Testing provides chiropractic educational institutions throughout the world with the opportunity to confirm the effectiveness of their curricula and the clinical competence of their students.

  • By taking part in standardized exams, the global chiropractic profession will gain stature through improved protection of the public. Additionally, chiropractic will gain further recognition as a profession worthy of legislative regulation.


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