Paul D. Townsend, D.C., NBCE Director of Practical Testing, recently made a presentation in Miami, Florida, during the joint World Federation of Chiropractic/Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference.  His presentation, “Clinical Skills Testing for Chiropractic Licensure in a Changing Healthcare Environment: Signposts of Change and Navigating the Transition” addressed changes currently taking place in chiropractic education, and the potential impact on NBCE pre-licensure examinations. A meeting with representatives from all chiropractic colleges in the United States and Canada was approved by the NBCE Board of Directors, and will be convened in Greeley, Colorado, in 2015. The goal of the meeting will be to determine how chiropractic student clinicians apply skills derived from evidence-based curricula to patient care in the chiropractic college clinics.

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