January 2016:  Mr. David Chapman-Smith (Secretary-General of the Fédération Internationale de Chiropractique du Sport) reported that the FICS Internationally Certified Chiropractic sports Practitioner (ICCSP) program is increasing in in popularity and range worldwide and FICS appreciates that there is need for independent, defensible, examinations and hopes to enter into arrangements with the IBCE for that. The FICS Council is waiting on a report from its Education Commission on this and other matters just now, but hopes this can all be arranged without undue delay.

He also reported that there will be sports chiropractors in the host medical services team at the Rio Olympics August 5-21 and Paralympics September 7- 18. After a formal recruitment process, letters of invitation will go to about 20 sports chiropractors at the end of this week – about half from Brazil and half internationally. FICS has provided support during the past 12 months of negotiations, led by FICS First Vice President Dr Marcelo Botelho of Brazil, who will be coordinator in Rio, and Dr Tom Greenway of the UK, a past FICS Secretary-General who will also be part of the team in Rio. This means that chiropractic services will be available to all athletes, coaches and officials, not just those teams that will bring their own DCs.

 March 15, 2015:  Reported by Dr. Clum     There has been quite a lot of turnover in senior leadership among the U.S. chiropractic educational institutions in the last five years.

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