January 2016:  Dr. Takeyachi reported that the Indian Association of Chiropractic Doctors (an affiliate of the International Chiropractors Association) conducts 2 very large “Health Camps” each year, treating many thousands of patients.

IBCE will again provide the Japan Chiropractic Register(JCR) exam on February 7th. The JCR has submitted the list of registered chiropractors to the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, most recently on November 6, 2015.

New, more favorable definitions of “chiropractor” and “chiropractic” have been developed by the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Jung reported that two programs – International Institute of Health Studies and SunMoon University are providing non-accredited chiropractic training in South Korea. The Korean Association of Chiropractors has reviewed the plans of the IIHS, and determined that it is substandard. This program and the one at SunMoon University are supported by the Korean Chiropractors Association, but not the KAC or the WFC. Busan University is apparently planning on starting a chiropractic program, also.

Dr. Bellin reported that Life University has signed an articulation agreement with WenJo University in China to begin a chiropractic program in September, 2016. This would be a Bachelor’s degree leading to a Master’s in Sports Health Science, which will qualify graduates to practice as chiropractors in China.

September 2015:  Reported by Dr. Bellin/China Update  In June, I met with the leading sports university, the most innovative medical university, and the top ranked university to discuss cooperative models and how to promote chiropractic in China. 3 universities. In July, I co-authored a book on Chiropractic published in Hong Kong. In August, I published the first ever chiropractic related research paper in China for China; it deals with chiropractic and how it relates to the autonomic nervous system. In September, I met with the president of the top ranked TCM university to discuss cooperative models and how to promote chiropractic in China. In addition, we are developing a strategy of how to get chiropractic licensed and administrated.

April 30, 2015: Reported by Dr. Bellin   Chiropractic is making significant inroads with both western and traditional Chinese universities in China. I have received a pledge of support from a national governmental agency that is responsible for bringing new educational and healthcare technologies to China from abroad.

March 15, 2015:  Reported by Dr. Jung     There is growing interest among Korean chiropractors to develop a registry of approved DCs, based on training and/or IBCE examination.  This process would follow the Japanese format, and is considered important, as the government is beginning to listen about why an IBCE exam is important.

The Commencement of Official Registration by JCR in Japan
2014 October Asian Region Report (PDF file)

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