January 2016:  Dr. Carol Mwendwa reported that Kenya is progressing toward chiropractic legislation and a chiropractic training program at Kenyatta University, which will have the first intake of students in September, 2016.  The 3rd annual meeting of the African Chiropractic Federation will be held in Namibia in April (dates TBA).

March 15, 2015:  Reported by Dr. Mwendwa     East Africa is setting up a chiropractic training program at Dimitri University in Kenya.  This will make Kenya the 2nd country in Africa to train chiropractors, in addition to South Africa.  The environmental survey was done at Dublin University, and the program hopes to take the first class of 10-15 chiropractic students (combined with medical students) by September 2015 or January 2016.  The South African programs are helping to build the curricula for the first rounds.  The training program may need IBCE help with testing and determining how the graduates will fit into local needs.

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